Looking for something to do to keep your children entertained at their celebration? Look no further. We can cover a specific sport if your little one has a particular sport in mind or we can throw a series of fun, inclusive and interactive games together in one of our ‘Multi sport’ parties.

Costs. The cost of a party is £125* for one hour including all equipment and coaching for up to 20 children and £150* for 21 to 30 children (*Excludes Nerfs parties). Please email for a quote if you require more time or have more attendees.

Venues. This would be down to you organise but we can make some suggestions for you based on your requirements for catering – ie somewhere with a kitchen or somewhere with a café.

We do a little of everything here; throwing, catching, kicking, running, jumping, balancing and making lots of noise! We combine around 4 or 5 activities into the hour so that we can keep that younger and shorter attention span on being involved!

Does your child love a particular sport or have a sporting hero they idolise? We can centre the party around one particular sport but broken down into smaller mini games of that sport. You can choose from FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, RUGBY, TENNIS, HOCKEY or any other sport. 

Unsure what you or your little one would like on the day? Leave it to our coaches to come up with the goods as they combine a multitude of sports and fun games together to keep all participants engaged and enjoying themselves. 

Our newest addition and something we’re really proud of! Duck, dodge, dive and fire as we head out into the danger zone armed with our NERF guns. Head for cover, all out war and capture the flag are all features of this energetic and frantic session. 

We can't wait to see you

Which venue should I book?

It all depends on what you need to do as regards catering – ie do it yourself or have someone do it for you; so somewhere with a café or somewhere with a kitchen. We have done our parties in pretty much every venue on the Island from Springfield Stadium, Les Quennevais and the Parish Halls.

Can you come do a party on the beach or parks?

Yes. We can cater for the venue as well as catering for the children we have in front of us.

What happens if its raining and we have an outdoor venue booked?

We obviously cant guarantee the weather so unless you have an indoor back up, we’d be looking to try and go ahead wherever possible. In the case of a same day cancellation, we would refund you 50% of the fees paid.

What happens on the day?

We will do some games which will keep all of the children entertained. We normally do 3-4 activities with a little water break in between each.